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Undead Dynasty  -  We are a PS4 clan that plays Call of Duty. We are always looking for new members...
Uhoh5th place: Jbohn
4th place: Strawhat
3rd place: Coke
2nd place: Catra
And the winner is Leroy
This was an amazing tournament and it was fun hosting. Everyone did awesome! There will be another tournament in the near future!
UhohRules for Competition
1: No Secondaries
2: No Equipment
3: No Gear
Perks not aloud
4: Cold Blooded
5: No Gung-Ho
6: No Ghost
7: No Team Link
8: No Tracker
Attachments not aloud
9: No High Caliber
10: No Rapid Fire
11: No FMJ

12: No Specialist Abilites
13: No Score Streaks

There will be a 5 second move time. If the Codcaster tells you to move you got 5 seconds to do so.
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UhohApril 13 we are holding a Nuketown 1v1 Competition. All members are welcome and encourage to participate! We will be putting up rewards for the top competitors! I want wanna see you there!
1st place: $75
2nd place: $35
3rd place: $25
4th place: $15
Only current members will be let in! Suggestions on rules are accepted but may not be put in place. Since me and Demon are putting up the reward we will not participate and will be the deciding factors on the rules..... so let the ass kissing begin lol. I wanna wish all of you good luck!
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Uhoh   Rules so far in place
No Secondary weapons
No Armor
No Tracker (thanks to me
Uhoh   No Specialist Abilities
No Operator Mods
No Rocket Launcher
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smokerclubReminder we have practice this weekend make sure you talk to your upper command about not being able to make it or scheduling a different day you’ll be available
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