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Undead Dynasty  -  We are a PS4 clan that plays Call of Duty. We are always looking for new members...
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UhohMan of my word. Wearing the frontbutt rubber ducky shit.
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Fenrir8991Every one welcome Stacy's mom or other wise known as my better half
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[Skip jr] Disney-AsianGood morning everyone, and welcome new members, today i hopefully get internet today amd i dont know when i will get on i have things to do as a priority and i will catch up with everyone to start training on the bo4 maps and i really hope i can get to play as of tonight and catch up on adventure time with disney and friends
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UNDEAD_CHEVYHello my fellow DEAD, Chevy here. I am finally returning after WAY too long. Im looking forward to engaging in some combat with you guys i been chomping at the bit! I currently only have Black Ops 3 but i will be getting 4 this week. i am looking forward to meeting everyone new that iv missed as well as the old members that i can reunite with!
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[Skip jr] Disney-AsianHey guys due to the past couple of days, my ps4 was stolen and people who stole it is using my account, please please blow them up with invites, the messages is turned off, and im thinking to do a gofundme page for the stolen property from me, so im M.I.A. for a long while, i will contact with a few members to check in but yesterday was completed bs
SKIPPYHey everyone sry for not bein on my ps4 broke drown. but some time early next month ill be getting me a new ps4. i hope y'all are havin a good time!
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