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Undead Dynasty  -  We are a PS4 clan that plays Call of Duty. We are always looking for new members...
Batman_OnA_Stick   created a new thread Tea Party Request in the Team Award Request forum
IIHEADLINEII   registered to Undead Dynasty
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happyhour697Welcome the new member of UDD IIHEADLINEII
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Undead Dynasty has reached a new record of 50 registered users today!
happyhour697If anyone has any suggestions on what awards that you want to see on the website please make a request and we will see if we can make that award
happyhour697   created a new thread requesting awards in the Individual Award Request forum
AlexFinleyStart my new job on Tuesday! So I'll be working away during the week from now on and only on at weekends. I'll still try to be on the website as and when I can!
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happyhour697   congrats bro
Nitro   created a new thread Killing Machine Award, K/D Award in the Individual Award Request forum
Dead_Giggleshey guys for this week I'm playing between Division and WW2, on the Division part I will be doing G.E. I've missed and pushed them back so I actually have an opportunity to do this. but tomorrow night I will have the new recruits with other members to show the new guys the hold points but at the same time I start my new job on the graveyard shift
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happyhour697   ok bro thanks for telling us
NitroGB team recruiting... if interested get with me for more information...
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SGTBOOM4152CCorparals and lieutenants get these new guys in private matches and show them the hold
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SGTBOOM4152Welcome to the team guys learn the fundamentals and work as a team
One team One fight
Guniaw   registered to Undead Dynasty
Batman_OnA_StickLet's give another shout out to another recruit, Gunlaw! Again let's add him on PSN and wreck lobbies.
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Batman_OnA_Stick   Hjs username is guniaw
happyhour697welcome to the clan I_KILL_4_FUN_TBH
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